smart energy | Vancouver

After twenty successful years in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Smart Energy is launching in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2024. 


Smart Energy focuses on timely actions for decarbonizing communities and ultimately achieving net zero targets. Join the innovators who are changing the world, meet with experts who are leading their organizations through energy transitions and see the technologies that will clear the pathway to net-zero. 



Experts will discuss emerging innovations in hydrogen, energy storage, EVs, CCUS, SMR’s, transportation, energy efficiency, electrification and renewables and how these technologies will change how utilities, municipalities, policy-makers, integrators, corporations, governments, researchers and consumers collaborate to reach an inclusive transition to NET-ZERO.


Smart Energy | Vancouver embraces an enhanced format featuring world-class panels, focused-presentations, technical workshops and more networking. Our goal is to make Smart Energy | Vancouver your must-attend clean-tech event.

together we can deliver on net zero strategies


Are you a thought leader, technical expert, investor or change maker? Share your expertise with the audience in November in Vancouver.


Come and learn from experts from across Canada on all matters clean tech, including renewables, electrification, EV's, smart grids and more. 


Join Smart Energy to meet Canada's decision makers, industry leaders, government and technology players. Registration opens shortly.


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