Twenty years ago, Smart Energy Event was launched in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over 20 years it has become one of the best supported clean technology conferences in Canada, particularly in Atlantic Canada. Beginning in 2024, Smart Energy Event will be recognized as Smart Energy | Halifax. 


As the world moves to towards net zero emission, now is the perfect time to launch Smart Energy | Vancouver. There is no single way to reach net zero - we need a long list of technologies ranging from renewables, hydrogen, small modular reactors, electric vehicles, electrification, smart grids, CCS and so much more! 


Smart Energy | Vancouver focuses on timely actions for decarbonizing communities and ultimately achieving net zero targets. Join the innovators who are changing the world, meet with experts who are leading their organizations through energy transitions and see the technologies that will clear the pathway to net-zero. Smart Energy | Vancouver will discuss the opportunities and challenges of developing emission neutral communities. We'll discuss technologies, business, investment, regulatory and more. 



We are inviting experts from across Canada to share at Smart Energy | Vancouver. If you are interested, please click the link below.